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Lane Cove National Park

Posted by namaku wahyu On 17 July, 2012 0 komentar

Lane Cove National Park - One point that is able to capture the beauty of Pennant Hills is the Lane Cove National Park. This national park is only about 6 kilometers west of Sydney CBD. Here, the diversity of marine flora and fauna amazing, so much to make people amazed. In Lane Cove National Park is also filled with green plants that are not less beautiful. Some of the land looks straight and safe, but other parts seem steep, rocky. Gentle breeze of the highlands of Sydney over the place.

Center of attraction of this park is located in the De Burghs Bridge, located in Ryde Road and Fullers Bridge, located in not far from the Tourist Park. In Lane Cove National Park visitors can picnic in an area known as Tunks Hill. If you want to stay, here has been provided by the camp sites and cabins.

In the middle of a river that flows bring pure water to the estuary. The river is at the center of the tourist activities during their stay in Lane Cove National Park. Starting from the picnic, bushwalking, cycling up. Spending time in the midst of such natural lestarinya would make an interesting experience in itself. As information that the park is managed by the NSW government since the 1920's.

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