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Newington Armory

Posted by namaku wahyu On 16 July, 2012 0 komentar

Newington Armory - In a land area of ​​52 hectares, including the area surrounding hills and woods, there is a large museum that includes hundreds of historic buildings that once graced the history of Australia. The buildings were preserved and maintained up to now to then become a tourist attraction for children and families edikatif.

Newington Armory was originally owned by the Royal Australian Naval Armament Depot (RANAD). But now finally packed for granted in the form of aircraft science at Sydney Olympic Park. Gate house has been there since 1897.

Not only that, at the Newington Armory there is also a Birds Australia Discovery Centre which can make children and adults to learn everything about birds. Especially for birds that live and through the plains of Australia.

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