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Powerhouse Museum

Posted by namaku wahyu On 14 July, 2012 0 komentar

Visit to the area of ​​Darling Harbour with the children, means need to visit the Powerhouse Museum. Australia's largest museum holds the most diverse educational information. The location is on Harris Street and is open from 10.00 until 17.00. Entrance fee for adults is AUD $ 12 and half for children.

At the Powerhouse Museum there are many things that was shown, ranging from decorative arts and design, technology, space, science, vehicles, objects related to the story of history, until the object is of cultural heritage. In it, there is a collection of up to 250 interactive displays, both in the holographic image, touch screen computers, scientific experiments, to the virtual space.

There are also several events that can be enjoyed, such as cogs Steam Show, fastBREAK, School Holiday program, Young Blood: Designers Market, Ultimo Science Festival, Craft Punk: Wrapped!, The Magic Garden: Bupa Health, and COGS 'playground. There is also a study center held several museums, such as Specialist research services, Lace Study Centre, Conservation, and much more. After visiting the Powerhouse Museum, visitors can stop by the souvenir shop and two cafes.

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