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Georges River National Park

Posted by namaku wahyu On 17 July, 2012 0 komentar

Georges River National Park - If you want to see and visit the hill covered with trees up to resemble the jungle, the Georges River National Park is the place in question. National Park which is located 18 kilometers one-way east of downtown in the middle there is Sydney and Georges rivers with crystal clear water and pure. The entrance is located on Henry Lawson Drive is an arterial road in the south of Sydney (precisely in the City of Bankstown).

With a land area of ​​almost 3.4 acres, Georges River National Park to be habitat for some animals and plants. Most are native plants that grow from the mountains of Australia and not imported from elsewhere, so there are few species that fall into the endangered category. Therefore, the Australian Government through the National Parks and Wildlife Service was inspired to use this land as a breeding area.

Here, visitors can picnic with family in the area near the Georges River, there is a large area and some small. Visitors can also walk in the path that has been provided, along Yeramba Lagoon which is home to hundreds of species of birds, until toward the Ridge Track will be offered incredible views of the river is amazing.

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