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Rodd Island

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Rodd Island - Located on the Parramatta River in Sydney, Rodd Island could be a suitable place for those honeymooners or couples traveling together. The name of "Rodd" was taken from the soil in the former officials, namely Brent Clements Rodd. The family was living on the west coast of Iron Cove which is now known as Rodd Point. At around 1850's, he tried to buy land from the government. Until the end of the island is transformed into one of the first recreation area in Australia.

Rodd Island was used as a laboratory scientist to oversee the rabbit population in Australia that do not attacked by the microbes of cholera outbreaks. 've Also functioned as a place of quarantine and the most famous dog is a dog Sarah Bernhardt who was rumored to suffer from Loir. Eventually the island was transformed into the function of the dance hall which is then used as a place to get married in the recent era.

Rodd Island summer house there is a man that can accommodate up to 25 people, in which there are many picnic tables. Group picnic area allowed is 50 people, while the total capacity of the island is only 100 people. Extraordinarily beautiful scenery here because it directly overlooking the blue river. Coolness is also thick felt for many shady trees and plants that are planted here.

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