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Headland Park Mosman

Posted by namaku wahyu On 17 July, 2012 0 komentar

Headland Park Mosman - Mosman is located in this area is the newest park in Middle Head peninsula. This park land take Middle Head, Georges Heights and Chowder Bay. Of course, offered beautiful scenery, the ports with the calm blue water, traces the history, tunnels, until the old buildings once used. In earlier times, this area is used as a military area to train combat troops.

If a visit to Headland Park Mosman, visitors will see the beautiful panorama from all directions. Nature still has not been touched so it looks balanced and sustainable, without any pollution. In the pedestrian area, visitors can see many birds flying around, sculptured figurines, some former war equipment had military training, and some spots that can be used as locations show an event (birthday, wedding, formal event to the company).

In Headland Park Mosman, visitors are welcome to picnic with family or enjoy a restaurant-restaurant serving local dishes. There is also a cafe which can be used as a resting place for a while. Facilities offered are also quite comprehensive, ranging from free parking area, up to a public toilet. Sometimes at Headland Park Mosman organized events and cultural arts training.

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